Trex Products – Decrease the Volume of Trash

Posted by Admin / March 20th, 2012

The idea of having an environmentally friendly deck, fence, or trimming is new for most people. There a common thought out there that in order to build virtually anything, you must abandon any ideas of being environmentally friendly. This is not the case when it comes to Trex products, which can be used to build or create wooden structures without damaging the environment.

People insist on using wood instead of plastics because wood not only looks more beautiful, but contributes to a more natural aesthetic. It is ironic then, that in many cases people are creating a “natural” look by destroying nature itself. This irony does not exist when you make use of Trex products.

Trex is a brand of wood alternative products made for fencing, decking, trimming, and railing. These products are environmentally friendly because they do not necessitate the cutting down of forests in order to provide high quality decking, fencing, trimming, or railing. The Trex composite mixture is composed of both wood and plastic scraps which have been recycled or reclaimed. The wood scraps come from used wooden pallets or sawdust. The plastic scraps in the mixture come mostly from millions of used grocery bags. All of these materials would otherwise end up in landfills—so you’re not only not harming the environment when you use Trex products, you’re helping to decrease the volume of trash that goes into landfills while beautifying your surroundings.

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